When I was 21, I convinced my friends and roomates to all take over a month long trip to Europe. I dont' know how it worked, but I got them there on the promise of "sleeping under bridget, and eating bread and water". Next thing there were six of us literally backpacking through europe. We carried bulky backpacks everywhere we went. We snuck into abandoned castles, slept behind auto garages... I ended up being robbed (long story) and everyting was stolen except my brief swimsuit, a pair of sandals, a sleeping bag, and a pair of shorts. EVERYTHING. No backpack, no passport, no shirt, no money, no camera, no cellphone. I ended up borrowing one hundred dollars and saying goodbye to my friends while they continued and I figured out an emergency passport. I few days later I met back up with them in Rome, and we ended up continuing for another three weeks. Life has nearly always been better or worse, and rarely as expected. I enjoy change and problem solving. I enjoy learning how to navigate situations. 

I am now based in Tucson, and work pretty much everywhere. I moved here to live in the desert near a national park. If you are ever around, let me know and I will show you around. If you ever want me to come to you to make something great, reach out.

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